Here are your options:
  • •   Book directly. Go straight to the (link)
  • •   Call Hotline or Whatsapp. Call ours sale team at +60144005050 or Whatsapp click this link.
  • •   Walk in. Walk in to our branch or Pickup Point. Link to pass branch
Not if you can avoid it. Plan ahead.
Set the seat and luggage quantity required, plan you pick up and return date and time and lastly plan your budget.
  • It is simply a guarantee if something goes wrong during your reservation and rental.
  • If the vehicle is returned with scratches, for example, the rental company may use some of the money to repair the car and if nothing’s wrong when you return the car, the amount will be returned fully or this deposit can use as pay yours extended rental time. Please refer to price list for deposit amount (Link).
Normal insurance coverage. Can add additional insurance for an extra fee by asking the MYEZGO staff.
Fuel level pickup and return must be the same level. No refund or claim for extra fuel. A refuelling service charge of RM10.00 will be charged for every 1 bar if the vehicle is returned with less petrol than when it was pickup time.
Currently no service deliver. MYEZGO provide service pickup and return customer from their location for free if rental 1 day and above and please assist our sale staff for more info.
Yes. Every rental car must be photographed or better yet, videotaped by you before you leave the rental lot
First, need to call our hotline as soon as possible for assistance. Only use Tow truck provided by MYEZGO. All vehicles are fully insured with standard motor insurance vehicle policy. However the renter are responsible for pay excess base on damage and not exceeded amount following vehicle class.

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